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A good kart racer that wasn’t developed by Nintendo is looking less likely by the day. I mean, sure, you could probably go on a forum and say, “Hey, you know what, I really think so Garfield Kart – Angry Race has some great design options, and what do you get? A mouthful of gasps, hands showing you the door, and Nermal Stans telling you not to listen to them. Still, Super toy cars offroad may be another try if nothing else.

This is the third release in the Super toy cars series and the latest product from Spanish developer Eclipse Games. Brush your teeth with the twin stick shooter Tachyon Project, Eclipse Games has found more invigorating success in this top racing series, although several voices bemoan the game’s lack of technical prowess. A common downside to the series is its focus on quantity over quality, which if you’ve played the games before can be an issue when jumping into the latest title.

There’s no plot, just a bunch of action figures ranging from nondescript barbie dolls to muscular dudes with poor articulation, all looking to win the races. You have a wide range of characters to unlock and a wide range of vehicles to try, varying in size and category. Whether it’s quads with a focus on speed and precision or, in a figurative sense, big monster trucks that rely on muscle power instead of brains, there’s a decent mix here.


The drive in Super toy cars offroad has an admittedly high skill cap, a result of both precise driving and a lack of transparency. As with all kart racers, the focus is on twisty tracks to take advantage of drift boosts that allow you to dash gracefully out of corners and overtake. However, due to the off-road nature of the game, sometimes you just start braking, which throws you in a loop as to whether the game is working as intended. Over time that may be the case, but in due course.

The game hosts various locations where you can race, but almost none of them remind you of one micro machines-esque funhouse romp. They have sand pits and gardens, frozen lakes and dirt bike trails, but none of that relates to the nostalgia that Eclipse Games itself seeks to eke out of the player. It doesn’t feel like I’m chasing my Matchbox die-cast race cars with dodgy wheels through my bedroom and dirt, it feels like I’m zoomed into a specific part of the map Fallout: New Vegas.

Are there strategic implementations of which vehicle you can and should use? Yes, sometimes. All in-game events determine which vehicles you are allowed to use, but that is directly related to track designs. Each track has shortcuts that allow for faster times, but some cars just won’t be able to go through them quickly as they’re not viable off-road. It’s an obvious – albeit dumb – mechanic that betrays the idea that some of these cars, despite their off-road nature, don’t have the same viability in real life in-game.

Super toy cars-offroad-screenshot-1

It may sound quibbling, but let me put it this way: the game has a starting car which is obviously based on the Lancia Rally 037, the last RWD car to win the World Rally Championship. In four seasons between 1983 and 1986 it had one first place, two second places and one third place in the WRC manufacturer’s results. Lancia is known for its rallying skills, even today, a good 40 years later, but it took its toll Super toy cars offroad is one of the least powerful off-road cars? For real?

It’s hard to gauge how any of the vehicles will perform on real off-road shortcuts, even with the stats gauge the game offers when it shows you how each vehicle performs. They always seem to be slowing down, although this doesn’t seem to bother the AI ​​at all. A truly exceptional showcase that doesn’t bother adding variables in its performance that AI in Super toy cars offroad will always choose the easiest option, to the point where you get in their way during a race? They won’t try to navigate past you, they’ll just smash into your car until you’re gone or dodge them.

The game reeks of being unbalanced, from the AI ​​behavior to the times and scores you have to beat at times. Super toy cars offroad hosts a variety of game modes ranging from races with or without power-ups, time trials, and score-based drift challenges, but the score thresholds you must beat are insultingly simple. Compared to some of the races on offer, it feels almost bittersweet to get first place in a challenge where you can beat the score of your second-place opponent by several thousand points.

Super toy cars offroad screenshot 11

Still, having to put up with real-life racing against other AI opponents isn’t so bad when you’re trying to fight back with one of the most useless and meager offerings of power-ups you’ll ever see in a battle kart racer will. Out of eight power-ups, five of which have attack properties, not a single one shows feedback on collision, destruction, or flair. Particle effects just happen and you may or may not have done something. However, you cannot find out because your console may be blocked.

With that we come to Super toy cars offroad’s most egregious offense and that is the game’s incredibly poor technical qualities. Graphically, the game isn’t cutting edge, and neither is its visual design, but that still won’t stop frame-rate drops, seizure-inducing graphical glitches, and the kind of crashes you don’t want to see in a kart racer. My console had to hard reset twice in separate hour-long sessions of the game due to perceived overheating, during which time my poor Xbox One S was screaming “Sandra” for me to play something – anything – she would not bear this pain.

Super toy cars offroad is an anomaly in design, structure and optimization. It’s almost unplayable in its current state due to poor AI, ruinous glitches, technical flaws, and awful physics, but this requires more than a rethink. After three games, it seems like no lessons have been learned, and Super toy cars offroad does nothing but walk the same broken and dirty path that its predecessors did.

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