Ten of the best used cars to buy for less than £ 40,000

And we’re breaking back to reality with the most famous, recommendable and obvious choice that 40 grand can offer you – a 911 Turbo.

Well, getting the really wanted one – the 997 Turbo – for less than 40 grand takes a bit of haggling, but the rise from the 996 era extends beyond fried egg headlights and bargain interiors. There are turbochargers with variable geometry for 60 hp more at the top end and about 100 percent more always-on shove than the old 996. Thanks to aluminum sheets instead of steel, more than 40 kg less have to be lugged around.

OK, so it’s a step up from the car it replaced. But we assume it’s also an advance on the car it replaced.

To be completely honest, the 997 was the last time a 911 was the right size – every 911 after that, as wonderful as it was, lost that irreplaceable and overlooked stroke of genius that made the 911 a real, everyday supercar: its tiny dimensions. After all, even with the wider track turbo specification and flared wheel arches, it was no wider than an E90 3 Series and no longer than a Prius. Driving like a regular car is a breeze because it’s the size of a regular car and the visibility of … you guessed it.

Oh, and a vicious turnaround in speed, ready to hold even the best in the business honest. In case you’re wondering, it’s faster than the Noble M12 on the Top Gear test track, too. Really, the 911 Turbo is like DiCaprio – the most obvious choice, yes, but also with infallible, inviolable talent to back it up.

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