The 2022 Triumph motorcycle range + our take on each model

After a big year for Triumph with the launch of the 660 platform, Triumph continues its steamroller in 2022 with even more new models like the 2022 Tiger 660 Sport. The British motorcycle manufacturer has recently embraced an ethos of inexpensive ownership and they’re continuing that mentality in the new year.

Triumph continue to produce beautiful bespoke special editions of their most popular models. So even if you’re looking for something ‘extra’, Triumph is guaranteed to have something for you.

2022 Triumph Rocket 221 3R & 3GT

The Triumph Rocket 221 is truly a paragon of modern technology; the “king of torque”. For those not in the know, Triumph was brave enough to call this bike the ‘221’ thanks to its amazing torque figures. If you haven’t already put two and two together, yes, this bike does produce 221 lb-ft of torque.

Inspired by Harley V-Rod, the Rocket 221 is a comfortable cruiser that has only one thing in mind; power and torque. Triumph is so proud of the performance of this bike that this special edition 3R and 3GT both proudly display their performance data directly on the bike’s tank.

The only difference between the 3R and 3GT is the handlebar configuration.

MSRP: $24,600 US / $28,700 CAN

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2022 Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1200RR

2022 Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1200RR

Triumph’s ‘Naked Triple’ family of motorcycles (which includes the Speed ​​Triple and the larger Street Triple) has long been a staple of the Triumph range. Last year Triumph introduced the Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR and upgraded the Speed ​​Triple 1050 to a beefy 1200cc engine.

The Street and Speed ​​Triple bikes have always had a unique design for the Triple family. In a bizarre display of design superiority, Triumph has completely redesigned the new Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR for 2022 with an insanely retro-inspired design. The bike still puts out a torquey 177 hp and 92 lb-ft of torque, except it’s now wrapped in all-new full fairing size. The Speed ​​Triple will never be the same.

MSRP: $20,950 US / $23,250 CAN

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2022 Triumph Trident 660

2022 Triumph Trident 660

Last year, Triumph debuted its all-new 660 platform with the launch of the Triumph Trident 660; A naked Hoon machine inspired to complement naked bikes like Yamaha’s hugely successful MT-07. The motorcycle was very well received in the industry and accordingly recorded great sales successes.

This brings us to 2022 with Triumph’s second year of selling the Trident and the first opportunity to make changes to the bike. Triumph has already pushed ahead, introducing a whopping 67 all-new and redesigned components for the Trident. The 660cc inline-three engine produces 80 hp and 47 lb-ft of torque; Thanks to its affordable price, it’s the perfect commuter or entry-level bike.

MSRP: $8,195 US / $8,195 CAN

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2022 Triumph Street Twin EC1 Special Edition

2022 Triumph Street Twin EC1 Special Edition

Did someone say special edition? The 2022 Triumph Street Twin EC1 celebrates its classic heritage with a beautiful two-tone silver and gray paint finish that is sure to turn heads. Inspired by the early East London motorcycling scene, the EC1 livery and custom-style details nod to the past.

MSRP: $10,350 US / $11,550 CAN

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2022 Triumph Thruxton RS Ton-Up Edition

2022 Triumph Thruxton RS ton higher

2022 brings wind of another Triumph special edition with the Thruxton RS Ton Up Edition. Inspired by Triumph’s successful racing history, the Thruxton RS Ton Up Edition brings a special design to the existing model. A blue fuel tank with hand-painted Solver bodywork adorns the top; while a custom seat, fenders, black side panels and accessory fairing wrap the limited edition bike.

MSRP: $17,300 US / $18,550 CAN

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2022 Triumph Tiger 1200GT / Tiger 1200GT Pro / Tiger 1200GT Explorer

2022 Triumph Tiger 1200GT

The Tiger 1200 serves as Triumph’s attempt at a fully fledged ADV motorcycle. The GT Edition offers a powerful and lightweight bike that’s suited to street-oriented adventure riding thanks to its cast-aluminum wheels. Triumph sent the Tiger 1200 to the gym, and as a result, it’s managed to shed an incredible 50 pounds for the 2022 model year.

The 1160cc inline three has also seen some work and now makes 148 hp and 95 lb-ft of torque; plenty of power to take you to any off-road destination your heart desires. The list of accessories for the Tiger 1200 models is practically endless, so how you want to customize your bike is up to you!

The GT comes standard with a 20-litre tank, and the Explorer edition bumps up to 30 litres.

MSRP: $19,100 US / $22,300 CAN

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2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro / Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer

2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro

For ADV riders who prefer more dirt, Triumph offers the Tiger 1200 in a Rally Pro edition specifically built for less traveled roads. The Rally model features tubeless wire rims for enhanced off-road capabilities, two off-road-specific drive modes, and some off-road-specific accessories like an engine guard and bark-buster to protect your hands.

Aside from the off-road conversion, the Rally Pro Edition remains the same as the 1200GT. The Rally is available in an “Explorer” edition which includes some additional accessories such as: B. Heated grips and seats, a tire pressure monitoring system and some other technical upgrades.

MSRP: $22,500 US / $25,800 CAN

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2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660

2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660

A brand new model to join the 2022 Triumph motorcycle range is the 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660. With their recently launched 660 platform, Triumph seems to have jumped at the opportunity to fill a gap in their range with a touring-oriented middleweight motorcycle that is a more attractive one price and a new styling.

The Tiger Sport 660 retains the same 660cc inline three as the Trident and has been tuned to produce 80 hp and 47 lb-ft of torque. Triumph’s 17 liter fuel tank and endless range of accessories make this bike a formidable threat to the mid-size touring market.

MSRP: $9,295 US / $10,495 CAN

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