The Dakar driver’s car collection will be auctioned with Artcurial

When he was four, Richard Romagny made himself a cardboard steering wheel so he could drive the family’s Citroen CX while sitting behind his father, who actually took the wheel.

The young driver became the head of Forges et Mécaniques, an oil and energy company based in the French Loire. He had the opportunity to drive a 4 × 4 vehicle in the 1990s and enjoyed it so much that since then he has competed three times in the Dakar Rally and five times in the Atlas Rally, another long-distance rally through the desert, started.

From November 4th to November 22nd, Artcurial Motorcars is organizing an online auction “A French Collection” of the Richard Romagny Collection of the more than 100 “Youngtimers and Popular” vehicles of the Dakar driver.

Romagny sold his company in 2006 and Artcurial reports, “Rushed into building this incredible collection, sourcing vehicles that he remembers from his youth.”

Some of the vehicles on the auction list | Artcurial Motorcars photos by Peter Singhof

“There are a lot of French flagship models on offer: the Peugeot 205 including the legendary GTI as well as Renault’s rival the GTI, the R5 GT Turbo and the celebrated Super Cinq, ”reports the Paris auction house.

“This is more than a simple collection; It pays homage to French brands and the best of French engineering. “

It will also pay tribute to Romagny’s personal tastes and driving style, as he became known for driving desert rallies without a passenger.

Artcurial, the Dakar driver's car collection is up for auction, Journal
Richard Romagny and his Dakar truck

“I drive alone in the car as I have been told, it is almost impossible, ”Romagny is quoted in Artcurial’s announcement of the auction. “It’s a challenge for me, the only element of the competition is to see if I can do it. I just hope that I’ll make it to the Dakar, even last, it doesn’t matter. “

Among the vehicles on the auction list is the Toyota PHZJ 75 Protoy AMS1, which Romagny drove at the 1999 Paris-Dakar. There are also 18 motorcycles on the list.

The auction includes 37 Citroens – including five Citroen CX models -, 24 Peugeots and 13 Renaults.

“This adventurer made his decisions very carefully,” says Artcurial. “He decided to put together a collection of all the cars he’d seen on the street as a kid. Since he was demanding in his search, he only selected cars in excellent condition with low mileage, transparent history and logbooks. “

The auction of the French collection follows following the recent sale of Automobiles sur les Champs-Élysées, which posted a 73 percent sales rate on total sales of nearly 6 million euros (nearly $ 7 million).

On that sale, a Ferrari 365 GTB / 4 Daytona Spider conversion was for € 488,720 ($ 567,365), a 1986 Citroen BX 4TC Evolution Group B rally car was € 417,200 ($ 484 335), and a 1960 Aston Martin GB4 was € 393,360 ($ 456,660) and a 1986 Nissan 240 RS rally racer fetched 214,560 (249,087) euros.

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