This is how the WRC Hybrid Boost System – DirtFish works

“So that the driver is not allowed to have a separate switch for adding the boost or an indication of how the boost could come, for example, it must be integrated into the torque path so that you have a combination of combustion engine and electric.” Motor to a torque combined, which is linearized by the pedal card.

“And this is how it has to be used, so effectively, when you have the boost available, you have a combination of motor and motor together and if not, you only have the motor.”

Now we know more about how to use the boost, how to stop it? By braking?

“That’s right,” said Fowler. “You regenerate during normal braking, but if you release while accelerating and touch the brakes, you must stop the release, much like touching the brakes when you have cruise control on Autobahn, it could be disabled. It’s practically the same situation. “

So here we are. Hopefully this will provide a better understanding of how the hybrid system works in Rally1 cars.

But it is worth remembering, this is the theory. Could things be changed in practice? Quite possible, and there are a lot of experienced drivers who all have to get used to this new way of driving.

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