This Skoda rally car has a drinking water generator in the trunk

The Skoda Afriq is a student concept car based on the Skoda Kamiq urban SUV, ready to race on rally tracks.

The Skoda Afriq <a class=rally car has a drinking water generator in the rear of the car.” title=”This Skoda rally car has a drinking water generator in the trunk”/>

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The Skoda Afriq rally car has a drinking water generator in the rear of the car.

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Skoda has set up a student program where students create concept cars for the Czech automaker. In one such car, specifically the Skoda Student Concept Car No. On August 10, a group of 25 trainees developed a rally car called the Skoda Afriq based on the Skoda Kamiq city SUV. The project was developed with the help of Skoda Motorsport and required around 2,000 man-hours to build, which spanned 4 months. What is interesting about this car, however, is that it has a drinking water generator in the trunk.


Watergen drinking water generator in the trunk of the Skoda Afriq rally car.

The drinking water generator is manufactured by an Israeli company called Watergen. It uses the moisture in the atmosphere to create drinking water, similar to how an air conditioner works. The air first flows through an air filter and the cleaned air through a heat exchanger where the water condenses. The water is then cleaned with UV light and a cascade filter, which also mineralizes it and makes it drinking water. The system was added to the car to raise awareness of water scarcity and can generate up to 20 liters of water per day depending on external conditions such as humidity and air temperature.


Technology behind Watergen Atmospheric Drinking Water Generator

The rally car itself is a thorough makeover of the Skoda Kamiq city SUV. The rear doors of the SUV were welded, and new enlarged bumpers and wheel arches replaced the existing ones. The car also inherits many components from the Skoda Fabia Rally2 evo, such as the tailgate with an integrated spoiler, additional headlights, ventilation systems, hood quick-release fasteners and also many things in the interior, including the steering wheel, dashboard, cameras and microphones, six-point safety belts and special racing seats . These additions were completed with the help of Skoda Motorsport.


The Skoda Afriq was made by 25 students with the help of Skoda Motorsport and took around 2000 hours to complete.

Maren Graf, Skoda Auto Board Member for People & Culture, said on the development of this rally car: “This year’s student concept car, the Skoda Afriq, is the impressive result of the enormous creativity and talent of our up-and-coming employees”. I am pleased about the high innovative strength of our trainees, which also focuses on sustainability,” she adds.


The Skoda Afriq is ready for the rally tracks.


The car also had to undergo extensive modifications to incorporate the Škoda Octavia’s 4×4 drive system, including structural adjustments such as leveling and body reshaping. The car also gets reinforced suspension to handle its rally duties. The Skoda Afriq pays homage to the roots and the original home of the “Dakar” and could take part in any special stage of the legendary Dakar Rally right away.

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