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According to Fernando Alonso, despite the introduction of new technical regulations, tire degradation is still an issue when following a rival car closely.

This year, the cars were built to a new set of technical rules aimed at allowing drivers to follow a rival more closely through corners.

Cars used to lose downforce and overheat when cornering close together, but in the early stages of the 2022 campaign several drivers commented that the effect is being reduced.

However, Alonso says Pirelli’s tires are still being damaged as cars follow in the fight.

“It sure is easy to follow cars,” said Alonso. “Aerodynamically, I think we’re not losing as much downforce as before, but the tires are still an issue.

“To drive behind cars, you still damage the tires a lot. In the wet – I didn’t drive in Barcelona [during a wet test]because we had this problem with the car in the morning – but I think it will be difficult.

“[When these cars on the low speed [through] Corners, the slower you drive, of course that becomes a challenge in the wet.”

Alonso also questioned the success of the new regulations in making the field more competitive, believing the qualifying order before races is still mainly team by team.

“The new regulations are meant to bring all the cars closer together and multiple teams could win races and drivers and things like that,” he said.

“I think the order of qualifying is still team by team, not driver by driver, so there’s still one thing that the sport in general should continue to explore and improve on.”

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