Wallace and Larson argue after Vegas NASCAR disaster

On lap 95, Larson slipped into Wallace and pushed him into the outside wall. As Wallace was coming down the track, he hit the right rear of Larson’s Chevrolet #5, spinning both cars.

Playoff driver Christopher Bell was also swept away in the crash and dropped out of the race.

After Wallace got out of his own car, he went to Larson’s car wreck and started pushing Larson.

“Cliff (Daniels, 5 crew chief) is smart enough to know how easily these cars break down,” Wallace said. “When you get bumped into the fence on purpose like he (Larson) and tried to force me to lift – the steering was gone and he just happened to be there. I hate it for our team. We had a super fast car – not at short-distance speeds, we were kind of falling behind and Larson wanted to make it a triple dive bomb. He never deleted me. I don’t lift I know I’m a bit new to running in front, but I don’t lift. I wasn’t even able to lift, he never lifted either and now we’re junk. Fuck off his execution.”

He then told NBC to “stop fishing” as they continued to question whether it might be retaliation.

On the physical confrontation, Wallace added, “He (Larson) knows. He knows what he did was wrong. He wanted to question what I was doing and he never acquitted me. I just hate it for our team. Our McDonalds Toyota Camry was super solid – we just had to find a little short term and find the balance where we needed it. It would have been like Kansas and now the car is junk.”

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Larson was also checked and released from the Infield Care Center and said Wallace’s anger did not surprise him.

No, it didn’t surprise me,” Larson said. “I obviously made an aggressive move into (turn) three; got in deep, broke loose and chased it up a bit. He (Bubba Wallace) came to my right up front and it got him stuck and into the wall. I knew he would take revenge. He had reason to be angry, but his race wasn’t over until he hit back.

“It is what it is. Only aggression turned to frustration and he retaliated.”

With recent concerns about injuries and concussions from next-gen accidents, Larson was asked for his opinion on retaliation.

“I think with everything that’s been happening here lately, with head injuries, broken ligaments and all that, I don’t think it’s probably the right thing,” added Larson.

“We all did it – maybe not all of us – but I did it. I’ve let the emotions get the best of me before. I know he’s probably still upset. I’ll know he made a mistake in the retaliation part and I’m sure he’ll think twice about it next time.

About the confrontation, he added that he would have preferred more of it than destroying the cars.

“No, I saw him come over so I figured he was going to do something. Like I said, he had every right to be upset. I’d rather he would do that (rather than) tearing up our cars in a dangerous way. It is what it is.”

In his own interview, Bell said it was “obviously retaliatory” from Wallace.

If you want to add a line to your story, NASCAR said it would review the 5th incident this week, but they didn’t call anyone to the trucker or issue an on-track penalty.

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