Watch Ford CEO Jim Farley take the drive of his life in Ford’s Puma Hybrid Rally1 car

Fresh from its satisfying win at the Monte-Carlo Rally in January comes the M-Sport ford The Puma Hybrid Rally1 car was better than expected. But that’s usually the case when you have one of the best WRC drivers of all time behind the wheel in Sébastian Loeb.

Based on the Ford Puma EcoBoost Hybrid, the Rally1 is Ford’s first electrified competition car. Fitted with some fairly accomplished energy-sensing technologies, the Puma has proven extremely competitive in its first two WRC stages and made a consecutive winning start at Rally Sweden just missed by four seconds.

Today we see how Puma and Craig Breen impress Ford CEO, and Chris Farley’s cousin (seriously), Jim Farley. Racing himself, Farley’s first drive in a WRC car is about as one would expect. Check out the clip below.

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If everything seems to be under control, you are not fast enough

After a great start from Breen, we immediately see Farley’s eyes widen as he realizes how hard Breen has to fight to keep the car relatively straight. Something Farley should understand to some extent with his history of endurance racing a Ford GT40. But you have to realize that the world of closed circuit racing and its lack of variables is a whole new experience in transitioning to the rally stage.

About halfway through, Breen really gets a chance to open up the Puma and show the boss that the investment in the WRC isn’t wasted as they hit around 120 MPH on a rough dirt road.

The Puma’s braking ability comes into its own at the end of the straight when we see Farley’s head thrown forward as Breen downshifts into a lengthy chicane, making it seem effortless.

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Ford has its sights set on the title

Ford Puma Rally1
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At the end of the run, Farley’s slight sigh of relief isn’t hard to notice as Breen pulls the rally car back to Ford storage, ensuring that Breen and the car are commended for the incredible performance of driving.

It will certainly be exciting to see how well Ford can do when it comes to not only finding a car worthy of replacing the legendary Fiesta WRC, but since their last Drivers’ Championship in 2018 and the Manufacturers Championship to find its way back into the winners’ circle in 2017.

Ford Puma rally car

This Ford Puma Hybrid will compete in the 2022 World Rally Championship

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