Wolff challenge sparked Zak Brown’s tattoo

The bet came as a result of an Industry Leaders’ Challenge launched by the Grand Prix Trust, a charity that supports anyone who has worked in Formula 1 and has gotten through tough times.

Wolff nominated Brown for doing something he was afraid of, and that led to the idea of ​​a tattoo because the McLaren boss is known to hate needles.

Prior to the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Brown went to a local tattoo parlor and was painted with a tattoo honoring Daniel Ricciardo’s recent victory for McLaren in Monza.

While the final design has not yet been revealed, glimpses of the tattoo concept suggest that it includes a map of the Italian GP circuit and the date of the race.

Asked by Motorsport.com about the backstory of the tattoo, Brown said, “Sometimes you have to face your greatest fears, which is what I’ve done.

“It actually came about through the Grand Prix Trust with Sky, where a team principal is nominated every year to do something that scares them.

“Toto nominated me last year, and needles scare me enough. So when I was trying to think about what was kind of funny and real and really terrifying, I got the idea to get a tattoo.

“Then obviously, since Daniel is a fan of tattoos himself and he recently won, I thought maybe we can get the two of them together and come visit him and hold my hand!”

The nature of the Grand Prix Trust challenge means Brown can now nominate another high profile person from Formula 1 to do something himself next year.

But Brown remained silent about whom he had chosen.

“I know who it is, I did it,” he said. “It’s about nominating someone of importance, a personality in sport.

“So far there have been three team bosses in a row, but it’s not limited to that. It could be engineers, it could be drivers, it could be other people with important personalities, if you like within the sport.

“It is up to the individual to develop their own plan and I think it will be introduced shortly who I nominated. I am not allowed to say that. It is an embargo.”

Brown’s tattoo came on the same day he presented Ricciardo with his winning bet for the Australian’s McLaren podium this year.

After choosing not to have a tattoo, Brown agreed to start Ricciardo in a former Dale Earnhardt Sr. NASCAR, which happened Saturday morning in Austin.

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