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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has revealed he has been studying Manchester United’s lackluster results in recent years to improve the form of his Formula One team.

Since the start of the 2014 season, Mercedes has been a dominant force in F1, winning every title on offer from 2014 to 2020.

Last year it missed out on the Drivers’ title to Max Verstappen but still managed to win the eighth consecutive Constructors’ Cup.

But in 2022 Mercedes is driving a long way from Red Bull and Ferrari and will miss a title for the first time in nine years.

Manchester United were once one of the most competitive teams in the world under manager Alex Ferguson, but the team has struggled since his departure.

Wolff says he studied the team after Ferguson’s reign to avoid repeating their mistakes.

“I investigated why great teams couldn’t repeat great titles [runs]’ he told him financial timesreferring to Ferguson’s United teams.

“No sports team in any sport has ever won eight consecutive world titles and there are many reasons for that and what is central is the human being.

“People become complacent. You are not as energized as you were before. You may not be that ambitious.

“I’m often asked, ‘How hard is that?’ I have had so many periods, so many episodes in my life that I would consider difficult that this is not to the same extent.

“I don’t think it’s challenging in any way because I’ve had a lot harder times in my whole life, not particularly in Formula 1, but this is actually in my comfort zone.”

Despite Mercedes’ current struggles, Wolff admits he enjoys the challenge as he sees it as an opportunity to improve in the long term.

“I would say that right now I enjoy doing something wrong because I believe that is the basis for long-term future success,” he said.

“We had eight world championships in a row – that hasn’t happened in any other sport. And I think I know why.

“All of these facets have come together to make things more difficult at the moment, but at the end of the day it comes down to physics and we got the physics wrong.”

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