World Wide Rally for Freedom Day rallies: Thousands of protesters storm Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

Thousands of “freedom” demonstrators have taken to the streets in Melbourne and Sydney where they heard negative claims about vaccines.

Tens of thousands of protesters have sung and marched against vaccine mandates and Covid restrictions at “freedom” events across Australia.

A series of “freedom rallies” scheduled for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart began on Saturday lunchtime with massive crowds taking to the streets before dispersing around 4pm.

In Melbourne, singing demonstrators with Australian flags and “kill the bill” posters marched down Bourke Street into the city.

Meanwhile, anti-fascist protesters gathered in front of the eight-hour day memorial after demonstrators vowed to protest against the so-called “freedom rallies”.

Authorities had feared that if the two protests collided, the situation could escalate, but those fears remained.

However, there was a sizeable police presence on site and the standby squad reportedly ready to be called if necessary.

“We respect people’s right to protest peacefully without harming the rest of the community and we will not tolerate anyone who breaks the law or shows violent or anti-social behavior,” Victoria police said in a statement.

“There will be a high visibility police presence to monitor the area and make sure there are no breaches of the peace.”

Outspoken anti-Vax Instagramer Marina Zee told the Melbourne audience that Victoria’s pandemic laws are part of a coordinated plan to control individuals.

“It was never about health. It’s all about control, ”she exclaimed.

Independent Victorian MP Catherine Cumming, who is negotiating pandemic legislation with the state government, also addressed the crowd.

She mocked Prime Minister Daniel Andrews for condemning the protests that took place in the House of Parliament during the week.

“So fascists are we Daniel? Am I a Nazi, am I Daniel? Dr. Cumming told the crowd.

“No matter how much misinformation and propaganda you spread, Victoria will win.”

She also spoke out against children who received the Covid-19 vaccination, claiming the prime minister “came after their children”.

“If you come after my children, come after every single Victorian … We are together as a family of freedom,” said Dr. Cumming.

In Sydney, crowds with Australian flags and signs gathered in Hyde Park.

Protesters could be seen singing “Freedom” before banding together to sing the national anthem.

Later they kept shouting, “Sack them all”.

A protester speaking in front of the large crowd could hear that he had “retaken Sydney”.

According to a rendition of Waltzing Matilda, renegade MP Craig Kelly made the wild assertion that vaccination mandates were the same as life in a prison camp.

“If you live in a place where your freedom is only given in exchange for some kind of good behavior, then you are not living in a free society. You live in a prison camp, ”he told the crowd.

The organizers of the rally in Sydney claimed that more than 100,000 protesters were present.

NSW police later denied this, however, and estimated only 10,000 participants.

NSW police confirmed that the Sydney protest remained “peaceful”.

“Overall, the protests were peaceful with minimal disruption to the community, and I am pleased to see that the vast majority of the people have followed the instructions of the police,” said Central Metropolitan Region Commander, Deputy Commissioner Peter Thurtell.

“I would like to thank the community that did the right thing today and the 600+ police officers deployed across the CBD and inner west Sydney for their professional response during today’s activities.”

No arrests were made or violations reported during the rally in Sydney.

In Brisbane, a large crowd crowded the Botanical Gardens and marched through the CBD.

The organizers were forced to use a noose to ask a man to put it back in his car while another protester was captured when he yelled “Hang the b ** ch” after being asked what he was about Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk.

These recent rallies come after Melbourne became the site of anti-government protests this week when crowds took the front steps of the Victorian Parliament to protest the state’s proposed pandemic laws.

The bill has since stalled in the House of Lords as the state government tries to secure backing with key cross-benchmarks after former Labor MP Adem Somyurek vowed to vote against the law.

Protesters pulled out makeshift gallows with slings attached last weekend.

The ugly scenes sparked fierce back-and-forth between the nation’s political leaders, with Andrews accusing Scott Morrison of “double-speaking” in support of the extremists’ voices.

“We have seen extremists, rabid anti-Vaxxers and others making all kinds of threats, threats against me, my wife and my children,” Andrews told Channel 9.

“I am committed to doing what needs to be done. My aim is not to chase after the voices of extremists or their preferences through ambiguity. “

The prime minister on Friday condemned the protests but also indicated he understood why the protesters were frustrated.

“I clearly denounced any violence, threats or intimidation used against anyone yesterday,” Morrison told reporters in Sydney.

“I don’t understand violence, I don’t understand threats.

“I have compassion for Australians who have learned from governments over the past two years what to do.”

He also said politicians like Mr Kelly should not join the rallies.

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